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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tips to change the Account Password of Facebook and Twitter

Account Password Change :

The online account or any account .. the password or pin is compulsory and the passwords are made for the security and you need to not change them at all with any one or everyone you think special . Keep all your accounts very secure and good . Never share your password with anyone and make it look so good and nice .

Change Facebook Password :

So we should know more about on how to change facebook password or change FB password . This is good to know and Facebook account is nowadays with everyone . Billions of users visit the Facebook every month and there are also a millions of attacks made on the Facebook every day . So its advice able to change the Facebook password very very frequently .

Change Twitter Password :

Also the Twitter password , yes you need to change twitter password this platform also have the million of attacks . So be care full and keep your password change frequent and never share the passwords with anyone . Keep your password change .

  • Keep your password changes not only for the Twitter and Facebook account but all other account .

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


iPhone, Blackberry & Android App Development

We have selected mobile app developers to create iPhone apps, Blackberry Apps and Android Apps. We will go through your app idea with you, offering both technical and usability advice so once we have tightened up the concept we will have our carefully chosen iPhone app developers, Blackberry app developers or Android app developers create your app idea for a realistic price.

With over 350,000 iPhone apps, over 60,000 iPad apps, over 400,000 Android and Blackberry apps this emerging market is growing at a rate of knots. Even as you read this the figures will be out of date as new apps come onto the market all the time costing thousands of pounds each. At AppFund UK we have an affective business model that makes iPhone App Development, Blackberry App Development and Android App Development affordable and more realistic to get started.
iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

When Apple™s App store open in 2008, 3000 Apps were launched in the first 2 months and since then the Apple™ App store has been the most prolific of all the App stores creating a new and innovative way of not only using smart phones, mobile devices and tablet PC's but also a new way of setting up a business and earning a good living.

Blackberry Apps

Blackberry are hot on the heals of Apple™ with App World™ creating Apps for both business and pleasure using their own OS6 platform for smart phones, such as the blackberry torch and their up-coming Playbook which is set to compete with Apples iPad. Since the launch of App World, Blackberry have recorded 9.9 billion downloads of over 300,000 Apps.

Android Apps

Android is quickly becoming one of the most accessible App formats with its availability on HTC, Motorola and Samsung smartphones to name a few as well as the numerous tablet PC's that use the Android operating system. With Android being available on so many different devices its market coverage is growing all the time.

Windows Apps

The newly emerging windows App market looks to be the "next big thing" in home computing as well as on Windows smartphones, mobile and tablet PC devices. Recently there has been the debate that Apps will spell the end of desktop operating systems, whether that's the case or not the discussion certainly leads the way toward a bright and successful future in the world of Windows Apps.


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